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Here at Polyglot Interpretations our desire to provide accessible translation and interpretation services comes from our passion that language is more than a struggle, it is a solution that enables the world to stay connected. We exist to empower every person to communicate seamlessly and instantly through translation. 
Our Story Begins With Our Family Story

Polyglot’s story began out of our own family's struggle to stay connected in our everyday lives.


Language had become a barrier as our families tried to integrate into American life, and we knew that language didn’t have to continue to be a point of frustration, but rather could become the tool which unified our family into their new community. 

Polyglot is a professional translation and interpretation agency that provides solutions in over 100 languages. 

Our competitive prices, effective project management, prompt turnaround times, accuracy, and reliable professional solutions for all types of document translations and oral interpretations keep our customers satisfied. 


How can we do this? Well, we hire the best professionals in the industry that fulfill our specific hiring requirements. We ensure that our linguists must have the necessary educational background, work experience, language skills, and certification skills to offer the highest quality translation and interpretation services.



Our Mission

Help businesses and individuals break cultural and linguistic barriers


Our Vision

Provide a language solution that connects the world together, allowing every person to communicate seamlessly and instantly


Our Philosophy

Whether it’s a small document or large conference interpretation, we put a great deal of emphasis not only on rendering accurate translations, but also on ensuring the nuance and tone of any translation or interpretation is captured. 

Our Values


We strive to over deliver and provide you with the best value possible.


We follow the strict regulations of the American Translators Association and best industry & cultural understanding practices. Our honest & professional linguists provide translations that are legitimate and faithful to the intended message.


Our team is always looking for ways to improve the quality and speed of translations. We use new technologies to keep our processes efficient so that you continue to receive fast and reliable translations. 


Language is always changing. At Polyglot, our team prioritizes ongoing learning. Not only do we require our linguists to fulfill minimum educational requirements, but we also require them to attend at least one professional development opportunity per year. 

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