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Legal Marriage
Translations & Interpretations

Do you need to translate foreign documents for your legal firm? Do you need an interpreter to provide language support during an immigration interview or deposition?


Do you need language assistance with legal contract translations and assistance during contract negotiations with parties/businesses in other countries? Polyglot Interpretations is ready to provide you with the legal translation solutions you need. 

As each country has its own laws, the translation of legal texts involves much more than just linguistic skills; it also involves knowledge of the laws of both countries.

Using our network of seasoned and trained translators specializing in many different fields of law, we provide quick and effective translation services to address this need.




We have professional linguists with relevant skills and experience in the legal sector to translate legal agreements, documents, and interpret conversations to the highest degree of accuracy and accountability. Our professional legal translators are equipped with the knowledge to render technical translations and interpretations.

Commonly Requested Legal Translation Solutions:

  • Legal contract translation

  • Interpretation of witness depositions

  • Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

  • Simultaneous/Consecutive interpretation of court proceedings

  • Interpretation for immigration interviews

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