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Translations & Interpretations

Hosting multilingual gatherings, such as conventions, conferences, meetings, panel discussions, etc., presents a number of barriers, the biggest of which are the attendees’ linguistic and cultural differences.  

We have an extensive network of fully trained experts that have vast experience in this kind of setting, and are chosen based on their knowledge of the relevant topic of your conference.

We take calculated steps in our preparations of your event, which guarantees a successful outcome for our clients.




We deliver conference translation and interpretation services through trained interpreters who can easily adapt to your needs in order to overcome this barrier and ensure your gathering’s success.

Commonly Requested Conference Translation Solutions:

·       Multi-lingual registration Forms

·       Translated Event Brochures

·       Simultaneous interpretation of key-note speech or other speakers

·       Multimedia Presentations 

·       Event Feedback 

·       Promotional Materials

·       Information Packs for Attendees

·       Event Websites

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