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Translations & Interpretations

Every person deserves the best healthcare and treatment services.


However, when the community that you represent becomes more culturally diverse and multilingual, this can be challenging. It is critical to have a trustworthy partner for linguistic support to help you provide the most comprehensive healthcare solutions that you can.

At every step of the healthcare process, we deliver the services you need to improve language access. 

Not only can we translate healthcare and patient forms, but we can translate documentation for employees of hospitals and other healthcare facilities that speak a foreign language. 




We have professional linguists with experience in the healthcare industry who can accurately translate medical content. When language barriers emerge in a healthcare setting, our experts provide excellent medical translation and interpretation services that honor confidentiality, patient safety, and medical validity.

Commonly Requested Medical Translation Solutions:

·       Physician Manuals

·       Clinical Validation of Medical Documents

·       Test procedures

·       Doctor’s Appointments

·       Medical/Patient Records

·       Clinical Protocols

·       Instructions For Use (IFU) For Medical Devices 

·       Informed Consent Forms (ICF)

·       Study Drug Labels And Drug Inserts 

·       Case Report Forms (CRF)

·       Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), and more

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