Polyglot Translations

As the world becomes more globalized, the need to communicate across cultures and languages is growing rapidly. As many things are lost due to misinterpretations/mistranslations, it’s becoming more crucial to have professional linguists to help bridge the multilingual gap.

Regardless of the length, complexity, industry, specific requirements, preferred terminology, or confidentiality that pertains to your documents-our team is ready to be your translation solution. We provide a streamlined and hassle-free process that leaves our customers confident and coming back. 

We assess your translation needs and match you with our translation team that is best qualified for your job from our network of highly qualified, vetted, professional, and experienced translators. Our team will make sure your documents go through the necessary rounds of translation, editing and proofreading. 


Polyglot is a certified professional translation service that provides translations in 100+ languages. We are ready to be your translation solution for fast, accurate, and reliable, professional translation services for all types of documents, formats, and lengths. 

Our Translation Services

Certified Translation

Certified translations are often required when submitting official documents that need some sort of verification or confirmation that the translation is an accurate representation of the original document. This is often used, but not limited to government agencies and educational institutions for official purposes.

Certified translations are attached to a notarized cover letter stating that whoever did the translation is qualified to do so, and that the new document is a true and honest translation of the original source file. All Polyglot certified translations will also carry an official stamp from a notary as well as an official signature from the project manager working with your translation.

Common certified translations include:

  • Legal Documents such as written statements, wills, affidavits, and bank statements
  • Official Certificates such as Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Birth Certificates, Driving Licenses, and any type of Identification Card.
  • Regulatory Documents and patents
  • Patents
  • Academic transcripts

Our team is ready to provide you with the certified translation solution that you need today.

Editing & Proofreading of Document Translation

Document translation is the process of duplicating the original message thoughtfully, honestly, and in its entirety into another language so that it reads as if it were written originally in the target language. When done properly, the translated text should give the audience an identical emotional experience as the original source message.

Our editing and proofreading process involves using a team of translators to ensure your document is accurate without losing the intended meaning and message. Our translation teams include native speakers of all languages, so all of your documents will have an extra set of eyes to review final translations to ensure that all context, emotion, cultural references, and tone are reflected accurately of that of the source document.

Our team is ready to provide you with the document translation solution that you need today.

Transcription & Translation Services

Not all individuals are auditory and visual listeners. Oftentimes people would prefer to read the content of an originally spoken piece of content in order to understand the information.

Polyglot’s professional transcription linguists can convert all of your audio and video files into an accurate, written transcript. They start by transcribing everything being said in the source language, and then translate the text into the target language.

This written script can then be shared with interested stake-holders, used to add subtitles to your video, or provided as written documentation of sensitive conversations. Regardless of the complexity and sensitivity of the content, our certified professional transcription specialists will have your files transcribed with accuracy, confidentiality, and integrity.

Our team is ready to provide you with the certified translation solution that you need today.