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Polyglot Interpretations

We know that your interpretation needs are unique to your situation, so we offer unique solutions to best support your business and personal needs. Whether you are in need of in-person or virtual interpretation solutions, our team is ready to help you break cultural barriers and communicate effectively in real-time. 

Our professional interpretation team provides accurate and relevant interpretations in your targeted language(s), providing you a convenient option to solve all your interpretation requirements. 

Interpretation Solutions We Can Help You With

  • One-on-One Settings

  • Small Group Meetings

  • Large Conferences

  • Meetings With 2+ Languages 

  • Over The Phone Interpreting

  • Video Remote Interpreting

  • Over The Phone Interpretation
    Polyglot’s live phone telephonic interpreters bridge a connection with you and your limited-English proficient (LEP) speaker. We provide you with the ability to talk to another individual without knowledge of the target language. Our team is trained at active listening and will relay messages accurately and efficiently. Although our linguist will be on the call with you to support you, you can have confidence that your conversation remains private. Each of our interpreters signs a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring all the information disclosed stays confidential. You will be able to have an authentic conversation without the pressures of a language barrier. Our team is ready to provide you with the interpretation solution that you need today.
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
    As virtual communications have increased globally, so has the demand for video conferencing interpretations. Our ability to interpret real time conversations during video conferences and virtual meetings provides you with a professional solution so that you can confidently lead discussions globally without losing the original meaning. Our streamlined approach ensures there are minimal pauses between translations, resulting in a clear, natural, and flowing conversation between you and your audience. Our team specializes in all types of video platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and more. Our team is ready to help your organization communicate effectively, so you can focus on reaching your business goals.
  • On-Site Interpretation
    On-site interpreting is perfect for individuals dealing with sensitive situations where you may need to use an industry-specific language interpreter (Medical, Legal, Technology, Academic, Financial, etc.). It is common for little misunderstandings to create large stressful situations, and with the vast differences between cultures, it is imperative to have a professional interpreter that understands the nuances and emotions conveyed in important discussions with multilingual audiences. Our professionals ensure that all interpretations are true to what is being said in the source language with speed and accuracy. Our team can be trusted to be your interpretation solution.
  • Consecutive v. Simultaneous Interpretation Services
    Consecutive interpreting translates the speaker’s words into the target language after the speaker communicates a few sentences. Often the speaker will pause and wait for the interpreter to translate the message before continuing their speech. Consecutive interpretation services are often used for one-on-one settings or small conferences. Although this style can cause events to last longer due to the pauses the speaker must take, it also allows for all parties involved to be active in the conversation and build rapport with one another. Simultaneous interpreting translates the message being spoken from the source language to the target language in real-time, ensuring the natural flow of the speaker is not disturbed, resulting in a smooth output for the listeners. Simultaneous interpretation services are often used for large speeches, courtrooms, large-scale conferences, and business meetings. This style is one of the best ways to deliver your message without having long pauses or breaks. Polyglot provides professional interpreters nationwide that are certified and highly accredited in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We are ready to be the solution for your speeches and conversations to be translated in all languages today.
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