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College Lecture
Translations & Interpretations


Education is a pillar in the advancement of our societies, countries, and the world as a whole, so error in academic communications cannot be an option.

We are here to help all levels of academia (from elementary to university) support multilingual stake-holders. 

Our experts have the experience and the cultural background to undertake any kind of academic translation and interpretation task, and instill confidence in both parent and student.  

The accuracy of translated academic documents and conversations aligns parents, educators, students, faculty, and administration in their pursuit of knowledge.




We ensure multilingual support that allows better engagement to support immigrant and multilingual families. This is achieved through the development of a wide range of educational materials and academic resources through collaboration with academic institutions of all kinds.

Commonly Requested Academic Translation Solutions:

  • Legal contract translation

  • Assessments of Functional Scale, like Child Find

  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP)

  • Achievement Tests 

  • Parent-teacher conferences

  • Academic transcripts and documentation

  • Institutional policies and updates

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