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Translations & Interpretations

Every company needs to keep workers updated through direct, reliable communication.


However, language issues can pose a challenge for businesses operating in several countries or having a multilingual workforce.

Our human resource translation and interpretation services can help you turn that challenge into a great opportunity to continue to hire the best candidates to your team, regardless of language barriers. 

This ensures that workers with limited English language proficiency can understand their job requirements and fulfill their work responsibilities. 




We provide the transparency and accuracy of both the cultural and language components involved in the communication. We ensure the highest degree of accuracy in translation by pairing you with a professional translator in the target language. 

Commonly Requested HR Translation Solutions:

·       Employee Handbooks

·       Annual Performance Reviews

·       Job Applications

·       Satisfaction Surveys

·       Compliance Documents

·       Policy Updates

·       Time-Off Request Forms

·       Staff Trainings

·       Interviews

·       Meetings

·       Training Handbooks

·       Employee Orientation and more

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