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Website Localization

As your business expands into different markets globally, you don’t want to leave the translation of your website content to impersonal algorithms from internet browsers. This can lead to misunderstandings of the intended message of your online presence. We are here to ensure that your online content is communicated properly in your expanding global markets.

Our localization services include website text translation, currency formats, video game localization, graphic localization, product descriptions, educational and instructional materials, and banner ads.

Polyglot’s in-depth analysis covers:

  • Review of all translated content to ensure it is adapted to address the local culture and nuances

  • Review of graphics and desktop publishing services to adapt to your target local market

  • Preparation of all software, scripts, website code, and digital materials

  • Quality assurance involving extensive website and software testing to ensure your application is working how it should in the target languages

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